The Best Music Websites …

Proudly showcase YOU … your music, your style …

Offer a seamless journey from curious browsers to raving fans

Provide a solid Ecommerce store where your fans can get your latest music and merch 

Provide a reliable hub for your online music marketing

Connect you powerfully with your fans

Own a Music Artist Website You Love … and that works powerfully for you.

Let’s chat!

Own a Music Website You Love … and that works powerfully for you.

Let’s chat!

Intelligent Website Design For Musicians That Grows With You

Musician Web Design to Showcase Your Music

Online Calendar So Your Fans Can Always Find Your Next Gig


Simple, Effective Website Design For A Smooth Web Experience

Ecommerce Store That Seamlessly Sells Your Merch

Online Marketing Hub - Effectively Connect With New Fans


SEO For Musicians - Rank For All The Right Searches

Website Management That's A Breeze To Maintain

Support To Powerfully Grow Your Website As You Grow

We create music websites for you, so you can get back to creating music!

At Music Profits Web Design, we create websites for musicians …

We know that your focus is to create amazing music, but so often as musicians, we have to be jack of all trades – musician, sound technician, video producer, logo designer, graphic designer for posters and merch, t-shirt designer, manager, accountant, marketer … the list goes on … and on!

So, rather than you having to learn yet ANOTHER set of skills, allow us to expertly create a musician website for you that not only showcases your music and merch with stunning website design …

… but also powerfully positions itself in the search engines to rank for the searches your fans (new and returning) are searching for.

A music artist website also provides a magnetic hub for all your online marketing efforts – FaceBook ads, Google ads, and unites all your various music outlets in one home where you own your content. Reach out to new audiences and grow your email list with sales funnels and retargeting that leads fans right to your website, your concerts, and your online store!

Be Whoever You Want To Be

With Your Very Own Website Designed Exactly As You Imagined