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“Rosemary approached me around the middle of 2017 about creating a website for my piano studio. I had thought about having a website, but had not known how to go about it. Rosemary had all the answers! Within a few weeks it was up and running, and soon after I had my first student enquiry (who is now learning from me).

The website is very informative, with several pages, and links to my other listings. It is clear and easy to navigate, and it is bright and fresh, with appealing pictures and fonts.

Rosemary is enthusiastic and professional, with superb attention to detail. She knows how to keep the website near the top of searches by using the right key words and by updating it with new articles from time to time to keep it refreshed. She has the added advantage of being a music teacher herself, so she knows what people are looking for in their searches for music teachers.

The results? My studio is now full and I am turning away students! Most of my enquiries now come through the website.

I am very glad Rosemary is running my site and would thoroughly recommend her as a web designer for any music teacher.”

Elizabeth Myers

Piano Teacher, Sydney

“Rosemary’s joy of celebrating the success of others is humbling and inspiring.

Her passion for discovering the talents of others and ensuring they are shared with the wider community has led to her developing websites for music teachers. Rosemary ensures each website she develops focuses on the interests and skills of the individual music teacher, she assist teachers in designing a site which will engage the prospective clients.

This is achieved through thoroughly researching the keywords for music educators, and looking for an opportunity to best meet public interest within your teaching expertise and local metropolitan area. Rosemary is then best able to champion you as a teacher.

She is extremely patient, offering very helpful advice and regularly reviews submitted ideas, developing designs that highlight your skills.

Her skill in analysing and preparing individual sites (looking at presentation, colours and formatting) means each web page is unique and personalised, while highlighting each teacher’s expertise.

The success of these websites has resulted in many of her clients strongly growing their business.

I highly recommend Rosemary as specialist Music educators website builder, knowing she will give you every support and ensure you will increase your teaching opportunities.”

Jennifer King OAM

Piano Teacher and HSC Music Tutor, Sydney